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Magenta's 5G network and the iPhone 12 is a match made in digital heaven. 
Therefore the goal was pretty clear: Whoever grabs the new iPhone should do that with Magenta. We used Apple's own buzz around its new device, created some nice rumours ourselves and spreaded them through influencers.

The campaign worked (surprisingly) well. Magenta’s competitors thought these assets were originally from Apple and even Cupertino across the ocean paid attention within 24 hours, forcing us to shut it off. Lovely PR boost btw.


In the end, we did. For the sake of peace ... and money. But not without reaching our goal: Getting people's attention by connecting Magenta with the new iPhone.

Client: Magenta
Agency: Jung von Matt
Director: Various
Production: Lightfarm

Magenta_Apple_heat-mode_posts Kopie.jpg
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