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Always driven towards excellent execution based on unusual ideas, stories and writing. Caring deeply from start to finish in order to come up with work that feels genuine and relevant – the only road to long-lasting bonds for and between people of all kinds.

Originally from Germany, I started working as a Writer and Illustrator for first clients at the age of sixteen. Right after school with a strong focus on language I went to the University of Applied Arts in Vienna for a master's degree, studying texts, concepts, film and other forms of expression as well as brand strategy and psychology, while working at Jung von Matt.

Currently, I'm operating globally as a Senior Copywriter for Mercedes-Benz at antoni in Berlin.

The work I helped shaping was recognized within the industry by The One Show, New York Festivals, Ad Age, Adweek, Art Directors Club Germany and Europe, Cannes, Effie, Creative Club Austria and others. But even more importantly, by people who normally don't care about advertising at all on and from every Meta platform, 9GAG, Twitter (X)
, Buzzfeed, Zeit Online, good old TV and even older radio, various design and film magazines, Reddit, Politico, Futurezone, Decentraland, Die Presse, YouTube, The Daily Mail, La Repubblica, Yahoo!, F.A.Z. and a lot more.

Get in touch here.

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