There's something really unsatisfying about writing about pages about oneself.

It never feels like it's good or complete or even really honest.

But also a too tempting space for not saying anything at all.

So keep in mind while reading: I was in an ambivalent state of mind while writing

and: it's in progress forever (or at least until I delete all about pages about myself).

As a conceptual creative and writer I'm driven, curious and interested in good execution as well as ideas, stories and writing itself. When it comes to work I always try to make something that gives people a feeling of genuinity, which depends on the context, is unusual in a way and all-embracing in every way.

Originally from Germany, I started writing poems and drawing stuff for friends and family when I was a kid (thanks mum for pushing me, I know you'll read this ... a thousand times) and finally started working as a creative for my first clients when I was sixteen.

Right after Matura with a focus on language I went to the University of Applied Arts in Vienna for an MA in creative advertising, studying texts, concepts, film and design for four years, while working at Jung von Matt/Donau (since 2017, still there).

Together with really great people I've also won some awards, which is nice.

Of course. 

If you want to say hello, give movie recommendations 
or just talk because ... well ... you can: drop me a line or more.