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What happens when the new electric G-Class travels through time to meet its non-electric ancestors from the past? Right, it’s going to be judged. 

To prove that the new player in town is as iconic as every G-Class before, we created a very special testing series.
Because: Only a G-Class can judge a G-Class.

Client: Mercedes-Benz
Agency: antoni 
Director: Anton du Preez
Production: Goodhouse FIlms

Episode 1 – Schöckl (Im)possible

Back to the 80s and its legendary action movies. The electric G-Class is judged by the G 280 GE from the past, tackling the rugged terrain of its birthplace: the Schöckl.

Episode 2 – International G-ographics

An homage to the wildlife documentaries from the past.
The elder G 300 GE tests the youngling in its natural habitat.

Episode 3 – The Fast & The Frost

Time for a final judgement. The last episode leads us to some frosty plains of the early 2000s computer games and internet culture. 

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